Pro Tools | Logic Pro | Ableton Live | Melodyne | Autotune

Full Audio Mixing: Separate music and vocal audio tracks – 12|24|32|64|128 session tracks.
2 Track mix + vocals: Seperate vocal tracks and stereo track of music – 8|12|24 session tracks
Vocal tuning session: Clean up and tune vocal tracks with Melodyne or Antares.
over dubbing: Replace sounds on original master or add live instruments to mix.

Requirement prior to sending us any master sessions for mix:
1. All tracks must be properly labeled
2. Time signature must match actual tempo of the song
3. Song must be fully arranged
4. Make sure you send us the correct version of the song you need mixed
5. Include a demo mix of your song within the session

Our steps taken during the mixing process:
1. Clean audio frequency to create for a better separation of instruments and vocals
2. Balance volume levels for mix of individual tracks
3. Advanced panning and spatial placement for depth and clarity
4. Advanced EQ and compression of individual instruments
5. Addition of reverb and special effects for that “Big mix” sound
6. Use of high end outboard gear as well as
7. HD plug-ins for sonic clarity
8. Analogue output configuration – 32|48|64|96 on individual analogue output mixing board.


2 Track | Stem Mastering | Analogue hardware| Top Engineers

This is not a bot service this is a real human mastering engineer putting in the time and effort in assuring you top quality mastering for your music. State of the art equipment and using the top industry format encoding software so that your music can be enjoyed at the highest bandwidth possible on what ever audio device or format.

2 track or stereo mastering ( traditional mastering)
Stem Mastering: 3 or 4 stereo tracks of Beat/music/vocal/Lead melody or bass track
Cd Mastering:
Album/EP formating and metadata

Mastering Service includes

Dynamic enhancements ( more energy and punch)
Tonal adjustments (clarity and impact)
Loudness optimization
Bass enhancemnt ( deeper Fuller)
Most current encoding format for high fedelity maximum level Crisp HD clarity

Before sending us your songs for mastering

Please do not send us over-compressed or distorted audio. Make sure your volume levels are not Clipping when mixing down your audio. Please do not over-compress or master your audio before sending. This will do more harm than good. Allow at least -3 to -6db in volume on your over-all mix to give our engineers enough headroom to work with. You may keep the bit rate of your file at 16bit or 24 bit. The bit rate of an audio Cd is 16 bit. Please do not add -Normalization, EQ, Limiting or Compression, etc to your master bus. This is our job and we work hard on every song we master.


R&B | EDM | Urban Pop | Trap | Sound track | Sound Design | Scoring | Remixing

Full service production capabilities from a professional team of producers and song writers. What ever the genre Planet Hum can service your needs with the dedication and professionalism you would expect from a team with 30 years of experience.

We can produce any style EDM music or Remix Any style for you

We can produce a Hiphop or Trap Beat for you

We can add Live Musical instruments to your original song like bass or acoustic or electric guitar

Remake Any record:

replay a sample (section or whole song)

Replay or re sing cover song


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