Loft 93

Loft 93 will tell you growing up in New York City can be hella exciting and sometimes intensely weird. Loft 93 producer Dj can tell you stories about the shitty little clubs or cool lounges he has played in the back streets of new york. After a night of parties and djing you can find the best Indian or sushi spot still open at 4 am or you can head uptown and get yourself  “Los tres golpes” which if you want to know you have to ask Loft.

If loft 93 is not out Djing, he is in the lab creating. he loves being in the studio cranking out hits, for him it’s not about money but the love and passion he has for electronic music. Self-taught Logic pro x user Loft 93 produces, arranges, and mixes his own work to share with the world. Loft 93’s musical interests vary from Trap, EDM, Tribal, Afro House, Tech House, and straight-up House. His love for Electronical music holds no genre.

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