Mar. 2015

Planet Hum
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Introducing FRQ DLX

FRQ DLX (Pronounced Freak Deluxe), always-in capital letters for his bold and big Sound. This DJ/Producer is a bit wrapped in mystery, as we can’t find any known images other than the logo. Nonetheless we are impressed with the work thus far.

FRQ DLX has landed various remixes on Warner Records, Nervous Records and most recently on Planet Hum. We know from Sample Republic co-founders Gabe Ramos and David Anthony that FRQ DLX has been a sound designer for Sampler Republic for quite some time. Some of the biggest and most successful DJ’s are sound designers or musicians. Greats such as: Deadmau5, who have made countless YouTube videos showing off his programming and producing skills, or Zedd, which is a classically...

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Mar. 2015

Kelvis Fernandez
Sneak Peek Elijah king "Save me" Produced by David Anthony
Here is a sneak peek of Elijah kings New single with David Anthony "Save me" this is a acoustic version of the single soon to be released on Planet Hum  
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Aug. 2014

"Didn't Say" Brakes into the Top 20 on Billboard

"Didn't Say" #16 on Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart

We couldn't be more excited on the success that “Didn’t Say” is having on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart!

Thank you all for the amazing support and to Tommy Boy Entertainment for the opportunity.

For All David Anthony Remixes Please Visit our Music Section.

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